Ionic Liquids: Sustainable Media for Nanoparticles

A. Barzinjy, Azeez (2019) Ionic Liquids: Sustainable Media for Nanoparticles. Jordan Journal of Physics, 12 (1). pp. 45-62.

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In this paper, an incompressible viscous fluid flow over a flat plate is presented. In the past decade, ionic liquids have attracted great interest both in scientific research world and amongst the most diverse technological and industrial sectors. This fact, together with the growing contribution of the industrial sector, is turning ionic liquids into a key component for the most diverse fields of science, such as nanotechnology, electrochemistry, green chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering, among many others. First, before talking about the ionic liquids’ applications, one should answer this question; what are the main properties that make ionic liquids so attractive? In general, ionic liquids are salts formed by very asymmetric and large ions, due to which they have attractive cation-anion forces weaker than those that occur in conventional ionic salts, such as table salt, which causes them to be liquids in a wide range of temperatures, including the ambient temperature in most cases. The term "ionic liquid" is considered a synonym of a "molten salt", although in practice it began to be used when molten salts started to be popular at low temperatures. Indicatively, a compound is usually called a molten salt when the melting temperature is above 100 °C, while an ionic liquid melts at lower temperatures. Due to the growing applications of ionic liquids as engineering fluids, their ability to functionalize or surface-modify materials in the form of nanoparticles has recently been described. Therefore, ionic liquids have been used as solvents for nanoparticle synthesis with a wide variety of sizes and morphologies.

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