An Overview of Bag of Words;Importance, Implementation, Applications, and Challenges

A. Qader, Wisam and M. Ameen, Musa (2020) An Overview of Bag of Words;Importance, Implementation, Applications, and Challenges. 2019 International Engineering Conference. pp. 200-204.

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Abstract—In the past fifteen years, the grow of using Bag of Words (BoW) method in the field of computer vision is visibly observed. In addition, for the text classification and texture recognition, it can also be used in classification of images, videos, robot localization, etc. It is one of the most common methods for the categorization of text and objects. In text classification, the BoW method records the number of occurrences of each bag that is created for each instance type or word disregarding the order of the words or the grammar. And in visual scene classification it is based on clusters of local descriptors which are taken from the images disregarding the order of the clusters. The key idea is to generate a histogram for the words in the documents or the features in the images to represent the specified document or image. The BoW method is computationally and even conceptually is simpler than many other classification methods. For that reason, BoW based systems could record new and higher performance scores on common used benchmarks of text and image classification algorithms. This paper presents an overview of BoW, importance of BoW, how does it work, applications and challenges of using BoW. This study is useful in terms of introducing the BoW method to the new researchers and providing a good background with associated related works to the researchers that are working on the model.

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