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Abdul Aziz, Muhammad and Ullah, Zahid and Adnan, Muhammad and Sõukand, Renata and Pieroni, Andrea (2022) Plant Use Adaptation in Pamir: Sarikoli Foraging in the Wakhan Area, Northern Pakistan. Biology, 11 (10).

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Pieroni, Andrea and Morini, Gabriella and Piochi, Maria and Sulaiman, Naji and Kalle, Raivo and Marifatul Haq, Shiekh and Devecchi, Andrea and Franceschini, Cinzia and M. Zocchi, Dauro and Migliavada, Riccardo and Prakofjewa, Julia and Sartori, Matteo and Krigas, Nikos and Ahmad, Mushtaq and Torri, Luisa and Sõukand, Renata (2023) Bitter Is Better: Wild Greens Used in the Blue Zone of Ikaria, Greece. Nutrients, 15 (14).


Stryamets, N and Mattalia, G and Pieroni, Andrea and Sõukand, R (2022) “Mushrooms (and a cow) are A Means of Survival for Us”: Dissimilar Ethnomycological Perspectives among Hutsuls and Romanians Living Across The Ukrainian-Romanian Border. Environmental Management, 72. pp. 363-381.

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Waheed, Muhammad and Marifatul Haq, Shiekh and Arshad, Fahim and W. Bussmann, Rainer and Pieroni, Andrea and A. Mahmoud, Eman and Casini, Ryan and Yessoufou, Kowiyou and O. Elansary, Hosam (2023) Traditional Wild Food Plants Gathered by Ethnic Groups Living in Semi-Arid Region of Punjab, Pakistan. Biology, 12 (2).

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